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From Luxembourg to Armenia with love!
After April 24th 2015, Magic Armenians! Your choice to move on... is an altruistic movement for Armenia that gave birth to
THE MAGIC ARMENIANS NGO   ԴԸ ՄԱՋԻՔ ԱՐՄԵՆԻԱՆԶ   Հասարակական բարեգործական կազմակերպություն
Mother/Founder & President Dr. Marie Dalia Van Marcke - Iskenderian Alex. Artist Name Marie Van Marcke.
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Be a Magic Armenian and join the voice of change with the Power of Forgiveness!


After April 24th 2015, Magic Armenians! Your choice to move on... is an altruistic movement founded by an Armenian mother living in the Diaspora. She created the movement for her 4 children Jean, Ulysse, Marie-Angélique and Aimé to honor the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 and to help her children reconnect with the Homeland Hayastan after 100 years!

The Leitmotiv of the altruistic movement is basically asking ourselves what do we do AFTER the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide. We know that the perpetrators and many countries still have not recognized our deep wounds. Worse, our people are still waiting to hear the words I AM SORRY/WE ARE SORRY by the Turkish government for us to start with our healing process or simply to be able to move on... !

Whatever happens next, After April 24th 2015 makes the choice to move on so that all together we can build a stronger Armenian identity for  our children!

Our altruistic movement continuously listens and learns directly from our people in Armenia. Between August 2015 and June 2017 the founder traveled 15 times to Armenia. Our movement has an open stance. We proactively focus on personal and professional development so to better serve our people in the Homeland.

Հրաշք Հայեր 2015 Ապրիլի 24-ից հետո առաջ շարժվելը՝ Քո ընտրությունն է ...
Hrashq Hayer 2015-i April 24-itz heto, aradj sharjvele qo entrutyunn e...

The movement's mission is to accompany each Armenian to integrate a new Attitude by acting as a

Magic Armenian!

Our challenge is to invite each and everyone to cover the Martyrs of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 with a White Sheet of Hrant and to work on the Recognition with a heart that has forgiven! By doing so, we do not use the black and white pictures of our murdered Saint Martyrs to attract the attention of the world. We work in a peaceful, decent and humanistic way, striving historical facts and asking the world to render justice in a fully democratic way! We do not point out fingers at each other. We invite world leaders to recognize the Armenian Genocide or motivate other leaders to take their responsibility.  A Magic Armenian will always remember and demand so to make sure such a crime against humanity NEVER EVER happens again! 

Our goal is to put first things first and work on the development and security of Armenia so to insure a prosperous and democratic life for all Armenian children.

Our tools are life-coaching, linguistic coaching, counseling, writing, rituals, singing, sponsoring, fund raising, charity projects and promoting our 7 enchanting activities and music for Armenia.

We are a non for profit organization, we are independent thinkers and motivational speakers/singers.

We bring new energy and a bright smile to the Homeland in order to even more improve the patriotic spirit of our people and mostly of our soldiers, our heroes. 

Sharing knowledge: We see it as our obligation to benevolently share our knowledge from the Diaspora with our people in the Homeland.

Our slogan: You do not have to be rich to help your Homeland! Even a child can make the difference!

Our philosophy is to listen and to learn from our children!

We are Totally Armenian!

The Magic Armenians Project Summer 2017: Free Education Programs for Armenia

More information to follow soon...