After April 24th 2015

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From Luxembourg to Armenia with love!
After April 24th 2015, Magic Armenians! Your choice to move on...
Founder Dr. Marie Dalia Van Marcke - Iskenderian Alex. Artist name Marie Van Marcke.
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The White Sheet of After

The hobby of a Magic Armenian!

Jean, 10 years, presented his hobby to his French class in the GD of Luxembourg.

Below his script translated from French.

I present you my hobby called After April 24th 2015, an altruistic movement, which is a life project that I share with my family, my people the Armenians and the whole world. On April 24th 2015, we will commemorate the 100th Anniversary of a very sad page of Armenia's history.
In order to move on, our team wishes to accompany  through enchanting activities every person who believes in peace and harmony .
One activity for example is to send a maximum of painted White Sheets of Hrant around the world. Or, through Facebook and YouTube, offer online and free Armenian language coaching for all, 10 words, 10 minutes each Sunday.
We wish to invite other children to join us!
Every Sunday, we will run for After April 24th 2015 and hand out flyers to present our altruistic movement.