After April 24th 2015

Serving our people is our biggest privilege.

It is our duty, responsibility and obligation.

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From Luxembourg to Armenia with love!
After April 24th 2015, Magic Armenians! Your choice to move on...
Founder Dr. Marie Dalia Van Marcke - Iskenderian Alex. Artist name Marie Van Marcke.
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Paul Hrant Van Marcke

Co-Founder - Author - Engineer - MBA - MSc - Ph.D. in Business Management (US)

The Magic Armenians! Junior Band

Jean 13y, Ulysse 12y, Marie-Angélique 9y, Aimé Elie 6y

Marie-Dalia Van Marcke-Iskenderian Alex

Artist name: Marie Van Marcke

Founder - Author - Songwriter - Singer -  Master Coach -Language Coach - Translator/Interpreter - Doctor of Education in Social Sciences (US)

Harut Hakobyan

Cameraman - Camera and Editing of video clips

Tun Al Tchi Gass and Mary's Prayer

Paulius Sokolovas

Cameraman - Camera and Editing  of video clips The Magic Armenians - The Green Grows on After - The Sun Will Shine Forever After - Tun Al Tchi Gass

Artur Galstyan

Director of Music Productions and Head of Charity - Radio Engineer - Composer- Songwriter Performer - Arranger - Music Producer

Studio The Art of Music 23! Producing Center, Yerevan-Luxembourg

T O T A L L Y     A R M E N I A N ! 

Dream Team-Collaboration

Michael Hariton, Translator

Translator - Corrector - Voice Coaching